The Panama 2 line offers a wide range of solutions which simplify the furnishings of small and medium supermarkets and it is suitable for exploiting special sales areas inside hypermarkets.

Panama 2 the slimmest remote wall multi- deck cabinet on the market. Panama 2 is the most advanced cabinet in its range. Six depths are available in making it suitable for sales areas where optimization of the ground-encumbrance is the key factor.

The wide versatility of the Panama 2 line includes the semi-vertical version which offers an ample range of solutions, utilization and space optimization of the displayed products. The semi-vertical line integrates seamlessly in the aesthetics of Panama 2, creating a homogeneous and versatile image complying with the most advanced concepts of layout.

Available in two heights, and six depths.

Directly derived from the line Panama 2, OSAKA 2 is the new vertical multi-shelf cabinet with glass doors. OSAKA 2 is able to combine the good functional and aesthetic skills with new technical solutions. In the basic version, the line OSAKA 2 is available with double glass doors and upon request, with single-glazed doors. The lighting in the standard version foresees the use of fluorescent lamps on the roof; upon request, the lighting can be applied to the shelves or, alternatively, to the door upright. The low-power fans and LED lighting are further options that can considerably reduce the energy consumption.

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