Result of an in-depth study of lines and of volumes, the Berlino 3 has a new design which lends it a harmonious and even slimmer shape, whereby the product displayed is brought to a degree of visibility which other models of the same category find difficult to equal.

Berlino 3 counts a wide range of models and versions, available in the lengths of 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750 mm, with heights of 2050 and 2160 mm and widths of 900, 1000, 1100 e 1200 mm, complete with head cases. Special and innovative solutions distinguish the versions for the sale of cold-meats and dairy products, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.

“BEENVIRONMENT” symbolises our hard- working and expert organisation in the world of commercial refrigeration, dedicated to sustaining and promoting the protection of the environment and of the natural world through the development of products with low energy consumption.

Refrigerated vertical cabinet with hinged glass doors with 100% transparent and fully energy- free glazing.
Praga is built with the most advanced energy saving technologies.
The 100% transparent and fully energy-free glazing combined with the use of low energy consumption electronic fan motors, ensure:
• 48% reduction on refrigeration electrical energy consumption (REC) compared with the open version of the same cabinet.
• Better temperature levels in the food. • Better quality preservation.

Praga comes in a wide variety of versions that make it suitable for supermarkets and hypermarkets.
– 2 heights: 2050 – 2160 mm
– 2 front panel heights: LF (304mm) HF (450mm)
– 4 depths: 900 – 1000 – 1100 – 1200 mm – Lengths: mm 1250-1875-2500-3750
with head-cases.
Praga is designed to work with a remote condensing unit.

The detailed study of the design, the careful choice of the technological materials combined with the customary reliability in operation are guarantees of a highly professional product suited for all types of sales outlets.
The Berlino line has always been acknowledged by international control bodies as being
a product with an extremely high level of performance, with limited values of energy consumption and with a high recycling percentage of the materials.

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