Basic design and practicality in use: these are the main features of the new Belgrado display
cabinet. The original style with the superstructure in flat glass and the new esthetic and functional
solutions distinguish it from the traditional display cabinets and at the same time permit optimum presentation and valorization of the contents. The range is offered in lengths of 937, 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750 mm, and corner modules, with straight high glass and SELF to respond to any layout needs.

The different display solutions make it interesting also in terms of optimum use of floorspace.

The loading basin is readily accessible through the front doors, which open outward. The cabinet can be supplied on sturdy legs or with a fully enclosed base section.

Suitable for the storage and sale of products in bulk and pre-packaged products such as Seafood, meat, pork products, dairy products, prepared dishes and hot dishes, pastry. The Belgrado line also offers a semi-vertical version 1500 mm high.

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