The “Arneg Design” sliding glass covers are the best solution for product accessibility and visibility. With respect to the same version of the Super Bilbao 3 island, the glass covers with low emissivity used in the Colonia 3 model allow a 40% reduction of the refrigerating energy, ensuring a better temperature level in the foods, limiting temperature fluctuations and guaranteeing the quality of preservation. The closure of the display area drastically reduces the formation of frost on the evaporator, limiting the number of defrosting operations and reducing considerably the energy consumption. The Colonia 3 model is available in lengths 1875-2500-3750mm with three different heights of the front glass: G2 (175mm) – G3 (345mm) – G4 (425mm)

This new line of dual basin islands has been designed and made using advanced technologies which ensure excellent performance and high energy saving. The line’s elegance and essential style allow
much better visibility of the products on display, obtaining advantageous ratios as regards both capacity and display surface. Particular care has been devoted to the dimensions of the cabinet, to ensure the best economy and to enable customers to take out the products more easily. Bilbao 3 and Super Bilbao 3 models are available in lengths 1875-2500-3750mm case and with two different heights of the front glass: G2 (175mm) and G3 (345mm).

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