Chester 2 optimises the display of products thanks to the reduction of shelf thickness and pitch. The combination of the different shelf depths allows the product on display to be highlighted, exploiting the lighting of sales outlets. Chester 2 offers a considerably reduced frontal impact thanks to the use of new design concepts.

Available in 2 heights (2050 and 2160 mm), in 4 depths (916, 1016, 1116 and 1216 mm), with front panel in 2 heights (LF = 190 mm, MF = 300 mm), in lengths 1250, 1875, 2500 and 3750 mm. The complete range includes also headcases.

Chester 2 FV is the ideal vertical solution for the sale of fruit and vegetables. The aesthetic characteristic of Chester 2 FV and its particular display solutions improves the sale of goods in medium size and large sales outlets. Chester 2 FV is proposed in the lengths 2500 and 3750 mm, with depth 1127 mm and height 2083 mm.

In the semi-vertical version Chester 2 responds to the most modern lay-out concepts thanks to its neat and elegant design. Its pleasant forms, combined with a high degree of technical unctionality and ergonomics, satisfy customers’ demands for organising their sales outlets. Chester 2 H150 is suitable for keeping preserved meats and dairy products. Available in the LF version (190 mm), with length 2500 mm and depth 1116 mm.

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