The new LOSANNA 2 line of cabinets perfects the concept of the wall display behind the counter. The important function of the display cabinet behind the counter expands the display space, increasing sales potential and acting as a attractive catalyzer on the customer. The setting that is created by combining the service cabinet (showcase) with the wall display behind the counter valorizes and enhances the point of sale in esthetic terms.

The Losanna 2 guarantees:
• High visibility of the products displayed
• Excellent accessibility of the products
• Large load capacity
• Reduced floor space occupation.
• Excellent performance with low consumption.

The line is characterized by modern design that lightens the contours and shapes, with a triangular upper band and an intermediate front section in stainless steel, reducing the visual
impact of the cabinet. The standard inner linings are produced in AISI 304 sheet steel. On request, other liners finished in different colors, and exterior finishing in a range of wood types are available. The LOSANNA 2 line is offered in a wide variety of solutions to suit any layout needs.

• Two heights 2045 – 2565
• Four lengths: 1250 – 1875 – 2500 – 3750 mm
• Unrefrigerated version (Bread, Waste, Sink)
in three lengths: 650 – 1000 – 1250mm.
• Refrigerated version with non refrigerated
• Refrigerated version with refrigerated storage.

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